Socks For Cocks

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SOCKS FOR COCKS is a Russian fun-punk/crossover project by Dmitry “Rotten” Danilin.
Dmitry is a notable musician in the Russian underground. One of the original members of Russia’s punk stars ЭЛИЗИУМ (ELYSIUM) who opened before NO FX , Die Aerzte, Marky Ramone and the Intruders, among others, during these bands gigs in Russia.
“Fast Fun Punk” (2016) Soyuz Music, featuring guest appearances by LAWNMOWER DETH & RUMBLE MILITIA!
“Old Skool Rocks!” (2013) self-released

Deposit Man


Daddy punk band from Finland.
Formed in November 2014 by four punk Dads in their 30s, Deposit Man plays melodic punk with lyrics that cover politics in the government, at work and at home.
Tyranny video: