State of Oppression Show #1


7 Seconds – This is Temporary
29th Street Disciples – Leave Us All Behind
The Adicts – Easy Way Out
Agnostic Front – Self Pride
TSOL – Dance With Me
Zero Boys – Amphetamine Addiction
Total Chaos – You Look Like Shit
D.R.I. – Money Stinks
SNFU – My Pathetic Past
Rapegoat – Cunthair Mustache
Pistol Grip – For I have Sinned
The Partisans – No U Turns
Insurgence – No Religion No War
GG Allen and Antiseen – Kill The Police
The Voids – Bad dreams
The Ghouls – Stand Alone
Frontside Five – Nuke Your Neighbor
Loose Skrews – Rude, Crude and Lewd
Lower Class Brats – Addicted to Oi
Leftover Crack – Burn The Prisons
Evacuate – Our Lives
Zero Boys – You Can’t Touch Me
Blanks 77 – Punks & Skins
Bad Religion – Along The Way
4 Past Midnight – Track 16
Agent Orange – Blood Stains
Resilience – Beat for The Beaten
A Global Threat – Filthy Greedy Guilty
The Virus – Follow
US Bombs – Billy Club
The Twats – Piggy
The Krum Bums – Eliminate
The Blameshifters – Disenfranchised Anarchist
Acidez – Waiting The End
(Vlad And) The Impalers – War Is Not Good For Your Health
The Twats – Who Peed In Your Wheaties?
Cheap Sex – Consume and Consume
Rudimentary Peni – Defined By Age
The Adhesives – Fuck Punx I Quit
The Bad Engrish – Oi’s Not Dead
Leftover Crack – Clear Channel Fuck Off
Funeral Dress – California
Oxymoron – The Factory
The Rabble – Sick & Tired
All or Nothing HC – Number 12
Bad Company Project – Cocaine
TSOL – Flowers By The Door
R.I.F. – Bullet Proof Evacuate – Sniper
The P.I.N.’s – F.T.P.
Insurgence – A Dream is All They Left You

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ADHD Show #1


Billy Hopeless – Gutter Ball
The Gonads – South London Agro Girl
Christ Sake – Fill Me Up
Stupid In Stereo – Desert Rose
For Fuck Sake – Pamela
The Undead – We Don’t Want The Poor In NYC
Rancid – Poison
Wednesday Night Heroes – Uncivilized Bastard
Bobot Adrenaline – Dumb Bomb
Broadway Calls – Sundowners
Anti Flag – Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington DC (Sheep In
Shepherd’s Clothing)
Dropkick Murphy’s – Memories Remain
Monster Squad – A Nightmare To Consume
The Business – Takers & Users
Star Fucking Hipsters – This Walmart Life
Clit 45 – Killed By Life
Commies – Quantity of Sin
No Use For A Name – I Want To Be Wrong
The Briggs – Charge Into The Sun
Lagwagon – B Side
Voo Doo Glow Skulls – Say Goodnight
Tiger Army – Ghostfire
The Flatliners – Meanwhile In Hell
The Loved Ones – Pretty Good Year
Mad Caddies – State of Mind
American Steel – Hurtlin’
Deviates – The End
Agnostic Front – Love To Be Hated
The Oppressed – Victims
Filthy Radicals – Two Chodes One Cup
Filthy Thieving Bastards – Drug Lords Of The Avenues
DC Fallout – Shooting Blanks
Bad Ass – Tragedy
A Global Threat – One Way Street
The Unseen – Dead Weight
Virus Nine – Friends Like You
Total Chaos – Rome Will Fall
Varukers – Where Next

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