ADHD Show #1


Billy Hopeless – Gutter Ball
The Gonads – South London Agro Girl
Christ Sake – Fill Me Up
Stupid In Stereo – Desert Rose
For Fuck Sake – Pamela
The Undead – We Don’t Want The Poor In NYC
Rancid – Poison
Wednesday Night Heroes – Uncivilized Bastard
Bobot Adrenaline – Dumb Bomb
Broadway Calls – Sundowners
Anti Flag – Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington DC (Sheep In
Shepherd’s Clothing)
Dropkick Murphy’s – Memories Remain
Monster Squad – A Nightmare To Consume
The Business – Takers & Users
Star Fucking Hipsters – This Walmart Life
Clit 45 – Killed By Life
Commies – Quantity of Sin
No Use For A Name – I Want To Be Wrong
The Briggs – Charge Into The Sun
Lagwagon – B Side
Voo Doo Glow Skulls – Say Goodnight
Tiger Army – Ghostfire
The Flatliners – Meanwhile In Hell
The Loved Ones – Pretty Good Year
Mad Caddies – State of Mind
American Steel – Hurtlin’
Deviates – The End
Agnostic Front – Love To Be Hated
The Oppressed – Victims
Filthy Radicals – Two Chodes One Cup
Filthy Thieving Bastards – Drug Lords Of The Avenues
DC Fallout – Shooting Blanks
Bad Ass – Tragedy
A Global Threat – One Way Street
The Unseen – Dead Weight
Virus Nine – Friends Like You
Total Chaos – Rome Will Fall
Varukers – Where Next

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2015 Halloween Monster Bash Show


Opening Instrumentals By: Halloween Punk Rock Massacre – Dracula Is Grounded
Happy Drunk Cartel – Demons In Control
Dead Kennedy’s – Halloween
The Destructors – Vampire Queen Of New Orleans
Grave Robber – I’m Possessed
Dead Tones – Real Gone Monster
Blitzkid – The Pumpkin Patch Murders
Mister Monster – All My Monsters
The Burning Hell – Grave Situation
The Forgotten – Horror Show
Wonk Unit – Spooky House
Sour Mash Kats – Rockin’ In My Coffin
The Pushrods – Halloween Girl
Haddonfield – Living On A Nightmare
The Goners – Sex In The Morgue
Tower Blocks – At The Graveyard
Horror Of 59 – Frankenstein Returns
Destructors 666 – The Vampires Kiss
45 Grave – Fucked By The Devil
Zombina And The Skeletones – Zombie Hop
The Other – Nice Day For A Funeral
Mad Sin – Back From The Morgue
The Misfits – Monster Mash
Broken Bottles – Cat Killer City
The Nekromantix – Haunted Cat House
TSOL – Dance With Me
Hellbilly’s – Demons
Tiger Army – Oogie Boogies Song
Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Zombie Creeping Flesh
The Holophonics – This Is Halloween
The Misfits – Devils Whorehouse
The Undead – Vampire Pinup Girl
Grave Robber – Burn Witch Burn
Balzac – The Howling Wolf
Danzig – Devils Plaything
Plan 9 – Man Made Monster
The Batfinks – Dracula’s Castle
Demented Are Go – Zombie Stalk
The Meteors – Corpse Grinder
Reverend Horton Heat – Zombie Dumb
TSOL – Code Blue
The Freeze – Halloween
The Other – Nice Day For a Funeral
Dirty Dead – Night Of Terror
Horror Of 59 – Creatures Fom The Morgue
Flesh Roxon – Back From The Grave
DieMonsterDie – Feast Of The Living Dead
Calabrese – Midnight Spook Show
The Cramps – The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon

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