State Of Oppression Show #25

Zero Point – Join The Army
Oi Polloi – Death By Night
Oxymoron – Dirty Punk
Violent Affair – Destroy Society
Circle Jerks – In Your Eyes
Fight Back – Pillar To Post
Bad Religion – Tested
Zounds – Target
Vice Squad – Nothing
Ghouls, The – Desolation
Partisans – No Time
English Dogs – The Chase Is On
Toxik Ephex – Police Brutality
Lab Rats – FOAD
G.B.H. – Church Of The Truly Warped
The Adicts – Distortion
Mass Terror – Odio
SNFU – I’m Real Scared
The Templars – Don’t Do Anything At All
Gutter Villain – Chillin With My Chillum
Poison Girls – Old Tart
Rubella Ballet – Blind Ambition
Destructors – Corpse Gas
Adulescents UK – Witch Of Insanity
Block 1A – The End
The Nimbwits – 3 Wise Men
The Restarts – New Way
Drug Shock – Street Cred
The Low Ends – Desperation Kids
The Rabble – This World Is Dead
Clit 45 – Just Exist
The Virus – Bomb Drop
Borderguards – I’m A City Kid
Flametrick Subs – Evil Eye
Resist – Progress?
Total Chaos – Fuck The System
Complete Control – In The End
A Global Threat – Until We Die
Shell Corporation – Trust Us
The Kirkz – They Came For Me
Disaster Us – Reality Hell
The Agitators – Your God
Animal Train – Age Of Authority
The SLM – Burn The Bodies
The Uprising – Get Away
In Defence – Life In The Thrash Lane
Oi Scouts – Anarchy People
Police Bastards – Blasphemy Squad
Madness – Cardiac Arrest


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